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    No matter what field your company operates in, a helpful blog can be extremely beneficial for any company. Trust us, we say this from personal experience. Bookmark is a blog that we love. Bookmark We love using this blog to assist entrepreneurs gain the information they require to create and increase their presence on the internet.

    Your blog post doesn’t have to be specific to your specific industry. It can be used to share advice on health, general business advice, or important information about upcoming trends for instance. Blogs like this increase the visibility of your business and will show your customers that you are concerned about them enough to get out of your comfort zone and help them in their journey.

    There are many benefits to having a blog connected to your company, and some of them are clearer than others. Many believe that blogs are not relevant anymore and not relevant, but this is not true. In this article, we’ll uncover 5 key reasons why your business should have an online blog by 2021.

    Blogs Help You Become A Thought Leader

    The way you’ve established yourself already creates the impression that you’re an authority regarding your product. However, a thoughtful and regularly updated blog can tackle issues that aren’t related to the scope of your products or services.

    Blogs prove that you’re capable of going beyond your industry and provide an important perspective on the industry in general. It also shows customers that your knowledge of the industry is sufficient to resolve their problems.

    What exactly does it mean to have a point of view that goes beyond the product or service? Well for example, whether you have a contracting company , you have the ability to talk to more than home renos. You can create blogs that are geared to design trends as well as safety guidelines, and even DIY projects your customers can tackle without having to pay for your service. This also shows your customers that you’re willing to go beyond to help them in ways that are unselfish.

    Increase Brand Visibility And Trust

    Your clients have concerns and questions. It’s the way that humans operate. Blogs allow you to take a proactive approach in solving or resolving their concerns. If you write about issues that matter to your customers It shows them that you care about the issues they face. If you’re concerned about their concerns they’ll trust you more. And what do people do with brands that they are confident in? They purchase from them and then become part of their lives-long community.

    Another reason you should be adding a blog to your website is due to the more visibility you receive from it. The reason why blogs boost your traffic and visibility is simple: it provides more content. If you have more content there are greater chances to appear in search results and bring organic search traffic to your website. Speaking of SEO…

    Blogs Significantly Boost Your SEO

    This is possibly the most important reason that your business should be blog-based. Simply put, businesses that blog get higher rankings on Google as well as other search engines. If the aim is to draw customers in and increase the visibility of your website, blogging is a free and natural way to do just that.

    There are many ways writing blogs helps with the SEO of your business. One of the main reasons is to keep your website current with continuous updates. Google along with other major search engines don’t send searchers to websites that are not up to date. If you are constantly updating your blog with new information, Google’s algorithm detects that and steers users direction.

    Beyond the creation of new content, you can make targeted content. If you’re savvy in the use of certain words and phrases, you can improve your Google search engine rankings. Therefore, you must anticipate what keywords your visitors will be searching for and then incorporate those words or phrases into your blog posts.

    For example, if you’re a company that sells flowers, then you’ll want your business to appear when people search anything regarding flowers. Keywords such as “where to buy flowers”, “how do I plant flowers”, “what are the best flowers for my climate” or similar. Working those phrases into your blog posts will make your site appear in the results in search results for people who search them.

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    Increase Traffic And Gain Customers

    It’s difficult to dispute the numbers. Businesses that blog post on average receive 55% more site traffic than businesses that don’t. A portion of the traffic your blog receives originates from existing customers however, blogs can be a great way to bring new people to your site also. For instance, whether someone finds your blog through a Google search, that’s another reader (and potential customer) that you might not have had otherwise.

    If you’ve got a fresh set of eyes looking at your business it’s an inch closer to winning a new customer. Your blog also acts as an all-hours customer support or sales person that can provide important information and insight regarding your business and products. This information can assist customers make informed decisions that they might not have been capable of making without this information available.

    Blogs Create Endless Sharable Content

    Your business may be on other platforms other than its own. These platforms in the main part are professional social media pages, and those pages require regular content that your customers are able to interact with.

    Blog posts are great for making captivating content. Clicking Here can look at the calendar of your social media channels and brainstorm the upcoming events and appropriate for your target audience. It is possible to link directly to your website on every post that goes out via your social media platforms You can also utilize quotes, photos or screenshots to entertain your clients.

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